The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 51 (2017)


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  • The 125th Anniversary of the Hawaiian Historical Society, by Shari Y. Tamashiro
  • The Gospel Roots of “Hawaiʻi Aloha,” by Ralph Thomas Kam
  • Queen Liliʻuokalani’s Beloved Kawaiahaʻo Seminary, by Sandra Bonura
  • A Royal Traveler: American Press Coverage of King Kalākaua’s 1881 Trip Around the World, by Douglas Askman
  • Provocation and Angst: FDR, Japan, Pearl Harbor, and the Entry into War in the Pacific, by Paul S. Burtness and Warren U. Ober
  • Bishop Mitsumyo Tottori: Patriotism Through Buddhism During World War II, by Keli Nakamura
  • William Mark Waddoups and His Kalaupapa Connection, by Fred E. Woods

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