Papers of the Hawaiian Historical Society

Twenty-one numbers were issued in the Society’s Papers series between 1892 and 1940. Only four of these remain available for purchase from the Society: Numbers 4, 6, 7, and 8. All issues are paperbound. The Papers series is indexed in the Index to Publications of the Hawaiian Historical Society, 1892–1967, by Charles H. Hunter (1968). The contents of the HHS Papers series have been digitized and placed on line as part of the Oceania Digital Library at

Paper No. 1

  • Alexander, William D. The Relations Between the Hawaiian Islands and Spanish America in Early Times. 1892.

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Paper No. 2

  • Emerson, J. S. The Lesser Hawaiian Gods. 1892.
  • Lyons, Curtis J. Traces of Spanish Influence in the Hawaiian Islands. 1892.

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Paper No. 3

  • Dole, Sanford B. Evolution of Hawaiian Land Tenures. 1892.

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Paper No. 4

  • Atkinson, A. T. Early Voyagers of the Pacific Ocean. 1893.

ISBN 0-527-38814-9

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Paper No. 5

  • Emerson, N. B. The Long Voyages of the Ancient Hawaiians. 1893.

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Paper No. 6

  • Alexander, William D. The Proceedings of the Russians on Kauai, 1814–1816. 1894.

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Paper No. 7

  • Frear, Walter F. The Evolution of the Hawaiian Judiciary. 1894.

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Paper No. 8

  • Hunnewell, James. Voyage in the Brig Bordeaux Packet: Boston to Honolulu 1817, and Residence in Honolulu, 1817–1818. 1895.
  • Alexander, William D. (ed.). The Voyage of the Albatross. 1895.

ISBN 0-527-38818-1
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Paper No. 9

  • Alexander, William D. An Account of the Uncompleted Treaty of Annexation Between the United States of America and the Hawaiian Kingdom, Negotiated in 1854. 1897.

ISBN 0-527-38819-X
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Paper No. 10

  • Goodale, Warren. Honolulu in 1853. 1897.
  • Thrum, Thos. G. Supplementary Article. 1898.

ISBN 0-527-38820-3
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Paper No. 11

  • Towse, Ed. Some Hawaiians Abroad. 1903.
  • Alexander, William D. Early Trading in Hawaii. 1903.

ISBN 0-527-38821-1
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Paper No. 12

  • Ballou, Howard M. The Reversal of the Hawaiian Flag. 1905.
  • Alexander, William D. Economic and Political Changes in British Polynesia. 1905.
  • Gilman, Gorham D. A Kona Storm. 1905.

ISBN 0-527-38822-X
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Paper No. 13

  • Lydecker, Robert C. The Archives of Hawaii. 1906.
  • Alexander, William D. The Story of Cleopatra’s Barge. 1906.
  • Alexander, William D. (comp.). The Career of a Chilean Pirate and Its Capture in 1822. 1906.

ISBN 0-527-38823-8
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Paper No. 14

  • Gilman, Gorham D. Journal of a Canoe Voyage along the Kauai Palis, made in 1845. 1908.
  • Ballou, Howard M., and George R. Carter. The History of the Hawaiian Mission Press, with a Bibliography of the Earlier Publications. 1908.

ISBN 0-527-38824-6
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Paper No. 15

  • Restarick, Henry B. Historic Kealakekua Bay. 1927.
  • Taylor, Albert Pierce. Liholiho: A Revised Estimate of His Character. 1927.
  • Stokes, John F. G. Whence Paao? 1927.
  • Ellis, Thomas W. A Tapa Book. 1927.

ISBN 0-527-38825-4
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Paper No. 16

  • Historical Notes.
  • Dole, Charles S. The Hui Kawaihau. 1929.
  • Taylor, Albert Pierce. Intrigues, Conspiracies and Accomplishments in the Era of Kamehameha IV and V and Robert Crichton Wyllie. 1929.
  • Mogran, Margaret Kirby. David Douglas—Botanist. 1929.

ISBN 0-527-38826-2
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Paper No. 17

  • Taylor, Albert Pierce. Historical Notes. 1930.
  • Iaukea, Col. Curtis Piehu. Reminiscences of the Court of Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma. 1930.
  • Spaulding, Col. Thomas Marshall. The Adoption of the Hawaiian Alphabet. 1930.
  • Taylor, Emma Ahuena Davison. The Burial Caves of Pahukaina. 1930.
  • Stoddard, Francis R. Annexation Scheme of 1854 that Failed: Chapter Eighteen—Life of Admiral Theodorus Bailey, U.S.N. 1930.
  • Bennett, Wendell C. Kauai Archaeology. 1930.
  • Stokes, John F. G. Burial of King Keawe. 1930.

ISBN 0-527-38827-0
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Paper No. 18

  • Stokes, John F. G. Iron with the Early Hawaiians. 1931.
  • Soga, Y. (trans.). Japanese Account of the First Recorded Visit of Shipwrecked Japanese to Hawaii. 1931.
  • Delano’s Account of the Shipwrecked Japanese. 1817.
  • Restarick, Henry B. Comments on the Japanese Narrative. 1931.

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Paper No. 19

  • Stokes, John F.G. The Hawaiian King: Mo-i, Alii-Aimoku, Alii-Kapu. 1932.

ISBN 0-527-38829-7
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Paper No. 20

  • Clark, T. Blake. Honolulu’s Streets. 1938.
  • Pukui, Mary Kawena (trans.). The Canoe Making Profession of Ancient Times (English and Hawaiian; preface by Maude Jones; ed. and annotated by Kenneth P. Emory). 1938.
  • Stokes, John F. G. Hawaii’s Discovery by Spaniards: Theories Traced and Refuted. 1938.

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Paper No. 21

  • Kuykendall, Ralph Simpson. Constitutions of the Hawaiian Kingdom: A Brief History and Analysis. 1940.

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