Ka Mooolelo Hawaii

[The History of Hawaiʻi]
Book III of the Hawaiian Language Reprint Series Ke Kupu Hou
2005/116 pages
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ISBN 0-945048-15-7 (cloth); 978-0-945048-16-9 (paper)

This 116-page history of Hawai‘i is called by David Forbes in his Hawaiian National Bibliography (2000), “one of the most important books on Hawaii. This is the first Hawaiian history written and published in Hawaii, and the first from a Hawaiian viewpoint. Sometimes cataloged as the work of David Malo, it is rather the cooperative effort of a select group of Lahainaluna students and their instructor, Sheldon Dibble.”

This facsimile reprint of the 1838 Lahainaluna publication is the third in the Society’s Hawaiian Language Reprint Series, Ke Kupu Hou. An introduction in Hawaiian and English is provided by M. Puakea Nogelmeier, Ph.D. The limited clothbound collector’s editor is bound in forest green cloth with gold stamping on the front and spine. The softcover edition’s cover illustration is “A Map of the Hawaiian Islands According to the Land Surveys. Drawn by Kalama. Lahainaluna, 1838” from the collection of the Royal Geographic Society, London.

The reprint edition was produced by Barbara Pope Book Design and printed by Thomson-Shore, Inc. It is distributed for the Hawaiian Historical Society by the University of Hawai‘i Press.

Buke Mele Lahui

[Book of National Songs]

Book II of the Hawaiian Language Reprint Series Ke Kupu Hou
2003/182 pages
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ISBN 0-945048-11-4 (cloth); 0-945048-12-2 (paper)

This rare collection of more than one hundred songs from the end of the nineteenth century contains the largest number of Hawaiian political and patriotic songs ever printed in one place. Also included in the collection are nonpolitical songs that reflect other personal and public aspects of Hawaiian life of that period. This facsimile reprint of the 1895 Honolulu publication includes an introduction in Hawaiian and English by M. Puakea Nogelmeier and Amy Ku‘uleialoha Stillman.

The book is available in softcover and clothbound editions. The limited clothbound collector’s edition is bound in burgundy cloth with gold foil stamping on the front and spine. Produced by Barbara Pope Book Design, Honolulu. Distributed to the trade by the University of Hawai‘i Press (808) 956-8255.

Na Mele Aimoku, Na Mele Kupuna, a me Na Mele Ponoi o Ka Moi Kalakaua I

Book I of the Hawaiian Language Reprint Series Ke Kupu Hou
Second printing 2015/328 pages.
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ISBN 978-0-945048-05-3 (paper); 978-0-945048-06-0 (cloth)

Created as a gift to honor King Kalākaua, this is the only book of Hawaiian poetic compositions published during the Hawaiian monarchy period. This privately published collection of forty-eight chants was a commemorative gift to the king at the elaborate two-week celebration held to mark his fiftieth birthday in 1886. Only seven copies of the original are known to exist today including one copy at the Hawaiian Historical Society Library. This facsimile reprint of the 1886 Honolulu publication is the first in the Society’s Hawaiian Language Reprint Series. The limited clothbound collector’s edition is bound in midnight blue cloth with silver foil stamping on the front and spine.

Distributed to the trade by the University of Hawai‘i Press (808) 956-8255.

Index to The Hawaiian Journal of History

Compiled by Lela Goodell and edited by Agnes C. Conrad
2004/223 pages
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ISBN 0-945048-14-9

This index is an indispensible reference for researchers of Hawaiian history. It covers the first thirty-five years of articles published in The Hawaiian Journal of History (1967–2001). The index includes all personal names and ship names as well as place names, subjects, and authors. A separate section lists the tables of contents for the thirty-five volumes.

The Hawaiian Journal of History, devoted to the history of Hawai‘i, Polynesia, and the Pacific area, is issued once each year and contains articles on all aspects of Hawai‘i’s history, historical illustrations, book reviews, and an annual selected bibliography of titles of historical interest.

Guide to Newspapers of Hawai‘i, 1834–2000

By Helen G. Chapin
2000/226 pages, illus., paper.
Out of print.

The complete reference to Hawai‘i’s newspapers. Between 1834 and 2000, approximately 1,250 different newspapers in at least twelve languages were printed in Hawai‘i. To aid the researcher, this guide lists the papers in three main sections: Section I organizes the newspapers alphabetically by title; Section II organizes the newspapers by subject category; and Section III organizes the newspapers chronologically by decade and date of publication. Each listing is annotated, noting category, place of publication, frequency and dates, publishers and editors, and abbreviations of sources that list the paper and locations where the paper may be seen in hardcopy or on microfilm. Additional information such as the paper’s size, editorial content, readership, and circulation figures are provided when available.

Honolulu, Centre of Trans-Pacific Trade: Shipping Arrivals and Departures, 1820 to 1840

By Rhys Richards
Published with the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, Canberra.
2000/326 pages, index, paper.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-7315-5210-5.

This listing of shipping arrivals and departures seeks to establish a base from which researchers can go on to fill in the stories of individuals ships, captains, businesses, and trades. Of the 3,203 visits listed, almost half are by whaling ships, followed by interisland traders, trans-Pacific traders, and others. American ships dominate the visits, but ships from other countries, including England, France, and Russia, are also listed as they entered and left this important Pacific port.

Pacific Images: Views from Captain Cook’s Third Voyage.

By Eleanor C. Nordyke in collaboration with James A. Mattison, Jr.
1999/174 pages, illus., cloth.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-945048-04-01.M

This book reproduces the engraved plates made from John Webber’s drawings on Cook’s third voyage to the Pacific Ocean. The engravings are paired with narratives that describe the images from the journals kept by Cook and his officers. Webber’s drawings provide a pictorial record of each major landfall in the Pacific. The author has added an introduction and biographical sketches of Webber and the twenty-four engravers who rendered his drawings. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the early history of Hawai‘i and the Pacific, and it will be a welcome addition to the reference shelf or coffee table of collectors of Hawai‘i and Pacific books. Winner of two Pele Awards for art design from the American Advertising Federation.

Treasures of Hawaiian History. From the Collection of the Hawaiian Historical Society

By David W. Forbes
1992/126 pages, color and b&w illus.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-945048-03-3.

This catalog describes books, documents, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and other objects and memorabilia in the collection of the Hawaiian Historical Society. The catalog was prepared in connection with an exhibition of the same title presented by the Society in 1992 to mark the centennial of its founding. The text is supplemented by numerous black-and-white and color photographs. It should prove valuable to scholars seeking to know about the resources available in the Society’s collection, to collectors of rare books and manuscripts, and to readers wanting to know more about the Hawai‘i of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

A Century of Philanthropy: A History of the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation

By Alfred L. Castle
Revised edition 2004/319 pages, illus., index.
$24.95/$22.00 to HHS members.

ISBN 0-8248-2873-9.

One of America’s oldest charitable foundations, the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation was established in 1894. Closely identified with Progressive Era reforms in education, health, and welfare, the foundation has become a leader in Hawai‘i’s world of organized philanthropy. This book traces the evolution of the Castle Foundation from its origins as a special-purpose trust to its contemporary role as an agent of social change and sets this history in a broad national context. This revision of the 1992 edition brings the story of the foundation into the early years of the twenty-first century.

An Italian Baroness in Hawai‘i. The Travel Diary of Gina Sobrero, Bride of Robert Wilcox 1887

Translated by Edgar C. Knowlton; introduction by Nancy J. Morris; afterword by Cristina Bacchilega
1991/144 pages, illus., index.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-945048-02-5.

This translation into English of the diary of this adventurous and independent Italian noblewoman begins with her marriage to Robert Wilcox in Italy in 1887 and covers their sojourn to the Hawaiian Islands, where Robert becomes involved in political intrigue against King Kalākaua.

Hawai‘i in the Movies 1898–1959

By Robert C. Schmitt
1988/96 pages, illus., index.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-945048-01-7.

This is the first complete history of the 120 feature-length films made in or about Hawai‘i before statehood. The early Hollywood filmmakers and their visions helped create the image of Hawai‘i that endures today. Twenty-two pages of photographs convey the vivid images of Hawai‘i projected in these early films.

A Merchant’s Perspective: Captain Jacobus Boelen’s Narrative of His Visit to Hawai‘i in 1828

Translated by Frank J. A. Broeze, with introduction and notes
1988/117 pages, illus., index.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-945048-00-9.

Available here for the first time in Englilsh, the only Dutch account of a voyage to the Hawaiian Islands in the early nineteenth century. Jacobus Boelen visited Hawai‘i in 1828 on his round-the-world trading voyage. He portrays the last days of the sandalwood trade and the important role of the sea-captain merchant in the early period of Hawai‘i’s relations with resident and visiting foreigners. He shows the contrasting conditions of the lives of ali‘i and commoners and the character of Honolulu as a port town.

The Diaries of David Lawrence Gregg: An American Diplomat in Hawaii, 1853–1858

By David Lawrence Gregg. Edited By Pauline King, with an introduction and notes
1982/606 pages, illus., index, cloth.
$25.00/$20.00 to HHS members.

ISBN 0-8248-0861-4.

When David L. Gregg was given the American diplomatic mission to the Hawaiian kingdom in 1853, he began a daily log, which he kept for the next four years. He was a friend and companion to the major personalities of his time; his writings constitute one of the most valuable accounts for this era in Hawai‘i.

Fourteen Years in the Sandwich Islands, 1855–1868

By Charles de Varigny. Translated by Alfons L. Korn, with introduction and notes
1981/289 pages, illus., index, cloth.Cover image: Fourteen Years in the Sandwich Islands
Out of print.

ISBN 0-8248-0709-x.
Published with the University of Hawaii Press.

An intriguing account by a trusted and influential advisor to Kamehameha IV in the 1850s and 1860s. Includes de Varigny’s letters describing his visits to various islands, with a firsthand report of the 1868 eruption of Mauna Loa on the Big Island. This work was first published in Paris in 1874.

Around the World on the Kamchatka, 1817–1819

By V. M. Golovnin. Translated by Ella Lury Wiswell, with introduction and notes
1979/353 pages, illus., index, cloth.
$20.00/$18.00 to HHS members.

ISBN 0-8248-0640-9.
Published with the University of Hawaii Press.

The voyage of the Kamchatka was one of the most notable Russian voyages of the early nineteenth century. In 1817 Captain Vasilii Golovnin sailed from Russia to investigate the activities of the Russian-American Company in the North Pacific and those of a certain Dr. Sheffer in Hawai‘i. This account is based on the ship’s log, supplemented with personal observations.

The Journal of Prince Alexander Liholiho

Edited by Jacob Adler
1967/155 pages, illus., index.
Out of print.

ISBN 0-87022-009-8.

The diary of Kamehameha IV written in 1849–1850, when he was fifteen years old, on a tour to the United States, England, and France with his older brother, Prince Lot Kamehameha, later Kamehameha V, and Dr. Gerrit P. Judd.