The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 49 (2015)


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  • Race, Power, and the Dilemma of Democracy: Hawaiʻi’s First Territorial Legislature, 1901, by Ronald Williams, Jr.
  • The Copied Hymns of John Young, by Ralph Thomas Kam
  • The Last Illnesses and Death of Hawaiʻi’s King Kalākaua: A New Historical/Clinical Perspective, by John F. Mcdermott MD, Zita Cup Choy, and Anthony P.S. Guerrero MD
  • Buffalo Soldiers at Kilauea, 1915-1917 by Martha Hoverson
  • Remembering Queen Liliʻuokalani: Coverage of the Death of the Last Queen of Hawaiʻi by Hawaiʻi’s English-Language Establishment Press and American Newspapers, by Douglas V. Askman
  • Issei Women and Work: Washerwomen, Prostitues, Midwives, and Barbers, by Kelli Y. Nakamura
  • Genevieve Taggard: The Hawaiian Background to a Radical Poet, by Anne Hammond
  • Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes of the Bonin Archipelago, by Scott Kramer and Hanae Kurihara Kramer

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