Kaluaikoolau (Paper)




Book V of the Hawaiian Language Reprint Series Ke Kupu Hou

ISBN 978-0-945048-37-4 (paper); 978-0-945048-36-7 (cloth)


For the first time since 1906, Kelekona’s book is reprinted in its entirety. Kelekona writes the personal narrative of Piʻilani, devoted wife of Kaluaikoʻolau and mother to their young son, Kaleimanu. They struggle to escape the edict that would banish Koʻolau and Kaleimanu to Kalaupapa and devastate their family. The three seek safety and solace, even happiness, in the steep mountain forests of Kalalau, Kauaʻi.  

Published entirely in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, Kaluaikoolau is a powerful love story of great sorrow and immense pride. This reprint is embellished with historical photos that illuminate the times and characters of Piʻilani’s memorial to her husband and son. It includes an assembly of materials related to the Kalalau debacle, including news articles, chants and external narratives about Kaluaikoʻolau. 

Following Piʻilani’s memoir, Kelekona includes an assembly of related material about the debacle in Kalalau, including news articles, chants, and external narratives about Kaluaikoʻolau. With this newest reprint, the whole of this collection will be in circulation once again. Like each previous reprint in this series, Kaluaikoolau will bring renewed excitement and inspiration to readers, researchers, and collectors of Hawaiian knowledge. 

This facsimile reprint of 1906 Honolulu publication is the fifth volume in the Society’s Hawaiian Language Reprint Series. The limited softbound collector’s edition is printed in a vibrant green with a historical photo of Piʻilani and her family.

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